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Hyper-realistic gear enabling you to "Train like you fight"

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Jack MillsAbout Us

• VT2R is a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) focused on saving lives through effective training
• VT2R has provided essential training to LE, churches, and schools for over 5 years
• Developed AdTac 9 System to enhance training, providing a hyper-realistic experience
• AdTac 9 System allows you to “Train like you fight.”
• AdTac 9 is more affordable and insures your team has the best training available

Jack B. Mills, CMSGT (ret) spent 33 years in the US Air Force where he served as a first sergeant, command chief master sergeant, group superintendent, and detailed to the Pentagon as the senior enlisted leader for the SECAF / MR 3-1 Integration Program. Decorations include 5 Meritorious Service Medals and a Commendation Medal for Heroic Act.

Jack is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on firearms, firearms simulators, and reality-based training. He is a Solutions Architect for developing training devices and systems for all aspects of firearms training and advanced force-on-force training. Jack is an Expert Witness for judgmental shooting including effects of auditory exclusion and tunnel vision. He conducts general to specialized firearms, firearms simulator, and advanced force-on-force training for individuals, armed security and with various Texas Law Enforcement agencies. Jack consults with organizations (e.g., churches, schools, businesses, etc.) on comprehensive safety / security from layering response, hardening defense, tactics for de-escalation, judgmental training for shoot / don’t shoot, and after incident actions and responses.

Specialized Training: Texas License To Carry (LTC) Instructor, Texas School Safety Certification Instructor, Texas Level III Classroom and Firearms Instructor; Texas Level III Commissioned Security Officer, Texas Level IV Personal Protection Officer, NRA Certified Instructor, Certified Range Safety Officer, Master Simulator Instructor, Certified StressVest operator, Certified Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) Instructor, Master Firearms Simulator Instructor / Operator. Department of Defense (DoD) Top Secret (TS) Clearance.


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