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Virtual Tactical Training Resources (VT2R)

Hyper-realistic gear enabling you to "Train like you fight"

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VT2R AdTac 9 Reality Based Training (RBT) Package

VT2R AdTac 9 Reality Based Training (RBT) Package

Key Use and Integration:
• High fidelity recoil management, smoke, noise imitate live fire without the inherent risk
• Interactive laser targets for marksmanship, shoot-house, and competition
• Integrates with laser vests, IR ball cap makes face a target – enhanced realism
• Integrates with any firearms simulator

Key AdTac Safety Features:
• Ammo – non-toxic, no lead, reduced noise, fully recyclable brass
• Gear – need glasses / goggles and foam ear inserts or better
• Weapons – specialized barrels convert live firearms to trainers – will not chamber live ammo
• IR Laser – eye safe lasers used in all applications

Training Approach
• Recoil Management – indistinguishable from live fire
• Marksmanship – indoors or outdoors – easily reach 80 yards on 5” target in full daylight
• Reality Based Training – zero standoff for advanced training on active shooter / hostages / more
• Custom Range – anywhere in any location, highly portable, easily transportable

VT2R AdTac 9 Range in a Box PackageVT2R AdTac 9 Range in a Box Package


VT2R AdTac 9 Range in a Box Package

Range in a Box:
• 5 IR laser modules
• 20 targets (4 sets of 5)
• 1 IR Laser for Glock 17 Gen 1 - 4
• 1 AdTac 9 Barrel for Glock 17 Gen 1 – 4
• 1,000 AdTac 9mm Blank Ammo (separate case)

• Set up indoors, outdoors, or in combination
• Proven on 5” target at 80 yards in daylight
• Set up as 5-lane range or create your own course-of-fire
• Set up takes less than 5 minutes for a 5 lane configuration

• AdTac AR-9 – short or long barrel, no certificate needed
• SIRT dry fire training pistols can be paired to system (ask us)
• IR Vest / Cap – create reality based with a course of fire
• AdTac 9 First Test

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