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Virtual Tactical Training Resources (VT2R)

Hyper-realistic gear enabling you to "Train like you fight"

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Mobile Range Technologies (MRT) Mobile Range Technologies (MRT)

• Meets or Exceeds Federal Standards
• Affordable Solutions for Live-Fire & Simulation Operations
• Small Logical Footprint
• Ideal for Gun Stores for Increased Revenue
• 100% Self-Contained - Bring Training to Your Location
• Simple Setup and Low Maintenance
• Live fire simulator offers the ultimate shooting experience
MRT Website  


Mobile Range Technologies is the industry innovator in container firing ranges and mobile trailer firing ranges focused on design, development, and technology that meets or exceeds federal standards while integrating technology innovations driving low total ownership cost and value for your investment.

Mobile Range Technologies (MRT) was formed to focus on solving two primary issues:
• Commercial: Provide businesses a way to add a live-fire pistol range at their existing business location that offers an affordable way to add a live fire pistol range to help increase traffic and revenue;
• Government: Provide agencies of any size a rapid, cost-effective way to add a permanent or mobile live fire range that meets all federal standards and offers a fully integrated simulation capability for judgmental, immersive training based entirely on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology focused on reliability and the lowest total ownership cost.


We are pleased to work with some exceptional organizations committed to helping make churches, schools, families, and businesses safe and are thankful for all their help and support

Faith Based Security NetworkFaith Based Security Network -
A network of security and LE professionals dedicated to continuously improving security of faith-based organizations



Sheepdog Defense GroupSheepdog Defense Group -
We want people to take an interest in their own protection and also want to ensure that children are no longer targets of violence. Contact us to learn how you can help protect your own family, church, or school.



Sheepdog SeminarsSheepdog Seminars -
Focused on building a community of leaders who are called to protect others. The Sheepdog Seminar is is a response to the violence that reeks havoc in our world. It calls upon the defenders to take their stand.


Texas Law ShieldU.S. & Texas Law Shield -
The nation’s leading legal defense for self-defense program.


A Texas Corporation

Simulation Lab (By Appointment)