Virtual Tactical Training Resources

Virtual Tactical Training Resources (VT2R)

Hyper-realistic gear enabling you to "Train like you fight"

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Firearms Simulators Firearms Simulators

• VT2R has extensive simulator knowledge – operated Stockyards Gunfighter 5+ years
• Serve as Solution Architect or Subject Matter Expert (SME) in assessing or designing system
• Integrate dry fire, air recoil, AdTac, and even live fire to utilize the full range of options
• Training – all levels from novice to expert can benefit from simulator training
• Team Building – we can bring the system to your (or any) location for team building, parties, etc.
• Lethal and Non-Lethal – we can train you for use of baton, OC Spray, Taser, shotgun, rifle, or handgun


Firearms simulators are a safe way to introduce new shooters to firearms. They are also an effective way to practice and develop shooting skills. Fun and entertaining games promote accuracy and speed. Paired with the AdTac9 System, the shooter will experience realistic recoil in a comfortable, safe environment.

Firearms simulators also provide realistic, immersive shoot/don’t shoot judgmental scenarios appropriate for all gun owners. The action can be played in slow motion for review/instruction/correction and allows for force science assessment. Paired with the AdTac9 System, the experience is realistic and effective.

Because not every situation requires a gun, non-lethal training with OC spray, batons, and Taser is available on the simulator.

Virtual Tactical Training Resources - Firearm Simulators

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