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Virtual Tactical Training Resources (VT2R)

Hyper-realistic gear enabling you to "Train like you fight"

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Security TrainingTraining

Law Enforcement:
• AdTac System offers key advantages for active shooter, hostage press, and managing stress
• Offer full immersion by moving directly from simulator to reality based training
• Work with single department, multiple agency, any size – any where
• Provide equipment, operators, or trainers, as needed to support department objectives
• Schedule training for any day, any shift
• Bring equipment to your location to minimize training costs – Officers remain available for dispatch
• Set up training in various high threat areas
• Provide simulator training for OC Spray, Baton, Taser, Bean Bag Gun, Shotgun, Rifle, and Handgun

Already have a simulator system? Let us assess your current system. We can also  install, calibrate, and repair most simulators and recoil weapon and laser training pistols.

Using our innovative AdTac9 System, your department will experience more effective hyper-realistic force-on-force training without the training scars associated with other options.

Let us show you how the AdTac 9 System will actually for itself when compared to other reality based training systems.

Virtual Tactical Training Resources - Training Information

Churches, Schools, and Business Training: Churches, Schools, and Business Training:

• VT2R offers License To Carry (LTC) courses and integrates judgmental training use simulators

• Every entity is different so we tailor the traditional to best match your situation and location

• We strongly advocate for training the entire team to Avoid – Deny – Defend

Active Shooter – Get Out Alive

We wish this training was not necessary, but we live in a fallen world and evil walks among us. Therefore, we have to be willing and able to protect ourselves and our loved ones in our homes, churches, schools, and work places.  Recent events have taught us some harsh lessons, mainly that life and death decisions are made in a fraction of a second, and we must be well trained to take decisive and effective action. We want everyone, when faced with an active shooter situation, to be able to get out alive and to save others.

Let VT2R assess your safety needs.  We can provide customized training that could include gun safety and shooting training, license to carry classes, judgmental training with shoot/don’t shoot simulated scenarios, and force-on-force role playing. We will also train with non-lethal options, like Taser training.

While our focus is on training the sheepdogs to protect the sheep, we can also provide training for the flock. It is important that family members, congregants, students, and co-workers are prepared to Avoid, Deny, and Fight in an active shooter situation.

Training LeadershipTraining Leadership

• Training for novice to expert, customized to best match your need
• Our location or your location
• We know that all training is serious business and we keep safety at the forefront
• We also are always looking for ways to enhance safety and realism
• Our AdTac System offers the utmost in reality
• Deep domain expertise gained from operating Stockyards Gunfighter (

Training Leadership

Texas License To Carry (LTC) Class

Texas LTC Certified InstructorContact us for the best, most immersive License To Carry (LTC) course in Texas. Our LTC training includes judgmental shoot/don't shoot training on firearms simulators, so you can be better equipped to understand what an armed altercation might look like, using the same technology law enforcement uses for their training.

Prerequisites: You must be proficient with the firearm because this course is not designed to teach firearms use, but rather to test your ability. We inspect every weapon being used for the live fire training and double check your familiarity with the weapon before shooting.

Licences To Carry /Concealed Weapon ClassFee: $100.00 on day of class or $75.00 for advanced registration and includes range fees. You are responsible for bringing your own weapon and 50 rounds of ammunition. You may rent weapons and purchase ammo at the range as well.

Class Size: We try to keep our class at 6 to 8 trainees to assure you of personalized attention and for efficiency. Private and semi-private classes available.  Call to arrange a class 682-841-0266

Location: We do the live fire at a local range and classroom. We are also happy to come to your location. Please contact or call for more information.

NRA Range Safety Officer / NRA InstructorReferences:

Complete your Texas LTC paperwork on line at:

Schedule fingerprinting at:

Submit LTC 100 Form at:

Texas School Safety Certification Course (Guardian Plan):

Texas State Approved ProgramThis is a Texas Department of Public Safety certification course designed to train school teachers and employees how to respond to an active shooter. This course is a two day (15 hour min) course and includes classroom simulation training and advanced live fire training. This course is focused on Avoid – Deny – Defend and offers a great deal of practical training that will equip you for a wide range of scenarios. Instructors are DPS, NRA trained and licensed. We also provide some segments of training using firearms simulators and scenario training to enhance realism.

Prerequisites: Participants must have a valid Texas LTC to take this class and must per-qualify on the range and score 225 out of 250 to continue in this class.  Participants will shoot a total of 350 rounds in this class. Ammunition is not included in the program cost.  

Fee: $500.00 per student, discounts available for multiple student enrollment.

Class Size: Class size is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 trainees to assure you of personalized attention and for efficiency.

Location: We do the live fire at a local range and classroom instruction at various locations. We are also happy to come to your location. Please contact or call for more information.


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